my 101 in 1001

January 1, 2013 - September 27, 2016 // in progress/finished

Walking With God 
  1. Keep up my She Reads Truth devotional journal 
  2. Keep daily quiet times with God, even if it's just 10 minutes
  3. Start tithing every month 
  4. Pray regularly for my friends and family who aren't believers
  5. Memorize 10 Bible verses
  6. Read through the entire Bible in 1 year
  7. Pray BIG with the expectation that God will answer in His time
  8. Pray more intentionally for my loved ones
Family & Friends
  1. Write a letter to my grandma once every month
  2. Visit a friend who doesn't live in my city once a month
  3. Call a friend who doesn't live close enough to visit once a month
  4. Visit Emily in Boston
  5. Visit Hil & Josh
  6. Get home once a month to visit my niece (and family!)
  7. See how far back I can trace my family history and document it!
  8. Do a Cedarburg day with my mom
  9. Remember to send each of my close friends a birthday card during the week of their birthday!
  10. Take a trip with Hil & Josh
Career // Money // Etsy business
  1. Look into Public Service Loan Forgiveness
  2. Start officially working full time
  3. Keep making regular payments on my student loans
  4. Put a regular amount of money into my savings account every month
  5. Start and stick to a budget
  6. Join WLA
  7. Go to the WLA conference in 2013
  8. Create a business plan for my Etsy shop
  9. Organize my inbox
  10. Do a blog redesign
  11. Post more of my own photos
  12. Add embroidery hoop art to the shop
  13. Re-evaluation/design my shop packaging
  14. Take the blog design class from A Beautiful Mess
  15. Use Instagram more often to share blog posts
  16. Get a domain name for the blog
Fun Stuff
  1. Go back to Florence
  2. Go on a road trip
  3. See an outdoor movie
  4. Go ice-skating 
  5. Get my nose pierced (maybe)
  6. Get a dog
  7. Try 10 new recipes
  8. See Matt Wertz in concert
  9. See Need to Breathe in concert
  10. Get an espresso maker and learn how to use it!
  11. Laugh so hard my stomach hurts!
  12. Organize all my scrapbooking supplies
  13. See a concert or show at the PAC 
  14. Go to the local farmer's market once a month during the summer
  15. Go to Irishfest to see Gaelic Storm
  16. Take an Irish dancing class
  17. Join a church choir
  18. Plan an anniversary celebration for my parents - October 2013
  19. Take a photography trip 
  20. Go to the beach
  21. Go to an art museum
  22. Do the Pride & Prejudice tour of England
  23. Take a day trip to Chicago
  24. Visit the Madison farmer's market
  25. Go to the One Thing Conference through IHOP
  26. Finish a NY Times crossword puzzle
  27. Get a french manicure
  28. Eat more fruits & veggies
  29. Invest in some bookshelves
  30. Invest in a new pair (or two) of boots
  31. Go to NYC with my sister
  32. Get a new iphone case
  33. Go to a Concert on the Square or Taste of Madison
  34. Visit the Redwood forest in California
  35. See Mumford & Sons in concert
  36. Have a bonfire on a beach
  37. Go to a Brewers game
  38. Tour a vineyard
  39. Stay up all night and watch the sunrise
  40. Build a snowman
  41. Keep a plant alive for more than a month
  42. Do a cartwheel!
  43. Try using loose leaf tea
  44. Find a set of teacups
  45. Go to a flea market
  46. Go on a bike ride
  47. See a show at the American Player's Theater
  48. Cross 15 books off of my "to read" list
  49. Purchase something vintage
  50. Re-upholster my kitchen chairs
  1. Write and illustrate a children's book
  2. Knit a sweater
  3. Practice oil painting more often
  4. Experiment with embroidery
  5. Take another Illustrator class from Nicole's Classes
  6. Use my polariod camera more often
  7. Make at least one project from each craft book I've bought
  8. Finish my Italy scrapbook
  9. Make a SMASH book for each year 
  10. Keep up my sketchbook
  11. Use my sewing machine more often
  12. Get my own room for all this crafty-ness
  13. Go to a craft show
  14. Create an anniversary gift for my grandparents - July 2013
  15. Knit/crochet a blanket for my mom
  16. Practice using natural light with my DSLR camera
  17. Create 10 original DIY projects for the blog
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