Shop Small Christmas Gift Guide

Just in case you haven't finished your Christmas shopping yet, I'm gathering up some of my favorite makers & creatives who have unique and handmade goods perfect for giving this season:
My raglan sweatshirt is from Walk in Love

*Walk in Love
31 Bits

for the kids:
Petit Pippin

deck the walls:
Quiet Boy Studio
Caleb Faires
Hand Lettering Co.
Lindsay Letters
*French Press Mornings
*Oana Befort

paper goods:
My Dear Fellow Co.
*Rifle Paper Co.
*A Touch of Love
Wit and Whistle

These are all shops I've been following on social media, and starred names are shops I have bought from in the past or am purchasing from for Christmas this year!

And, shameless self promotion here, you can also check out my own shop, Lizzimarie, for more wall art & paper goods that would make great gifts (if I say so myself!)

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