inspiration / why I love knitting + perfect gift knitting patterns

This year was one of new creative passions for me, including hand lettering and a renewed interest in knitting!  Lately I cannot get enough of knitting - it's something I do every day and think about a whole lot!  Inheriting some of my grandmother's yarn stash and knitting my first sweater have definitely helped fuel this interest.  Why knitting?

This age-old craft has experienced a resurgence in the last few years and there are so many new, fresh designers out there which is a huge help.  But even so, there's something about taking nothing but a ball of yarn, two sticks, and my own two hands and creating a beautiful & wearable object.  Aside from the sheer creative high, the repetitive motions are relaxing and calming after a long work day (or any time really!).  It's also good for you!  I also love yarn - the textures, colors, weights, the combinations are endless and so inspiring.  The whole thing of yarn production & dyeing to pattern design and the actual knitting is so process oriented.  I love that it's so slow - in this ridiculously fast-paced world of instant gratification it feels so counter-cultural to spend *gasp* months making ONE piece of clothing!  I love that I can be so much more intentional about what I'm wearing with knitting (and sewing too!)  So, if someone could tell me how to knit all day and pay my bills at the same time, I'm all over that! ;)

Since it's the middle of the holiday season, I couldn't help sharing some of my favorite options for gift knitting!  A whole bunch of easy, free, and beautiful patterns have come out recently and I wanted to share:

70 Yard Fingerless Gloves by Jeanne Stevenson (free pattern)
Farbe Cowl by Shannon Cook (free pattern)

Annie Cowl by Jane Richmond (free pattern)
Keaton Hat by Shannon Cook

Sleep Season Slouch Hat from Fancy Tiger Crafts (free pattern)
Marian by Jane Richmond (free pattern)

If you're looking for resources about learning how to knit, check out my knitting page right here!

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