sewn / using custom labels

In my recent project finishing binge, the icing on the cake was getting to use these custom clothing labels I recently bought from Sewaholic!  Tasia, the owner, shared how she added them to one of her hand knit sweaters and I wanted to try the same!  I couldn't find any other examples of how to use these, so I looked at how my ready made clothes had labels sewn in and tried a couple different ways on my hand made pieces:

I hand sewed each label in with a needle and matching thread. The first I tacked down with a simple set of straight stitches on each corner:

On my dress I did a running line of straight stitches down each side since I didn't want to pull or pinch the fabric on the outside of the dress:

The sewing is virtually invisible on the right side of the fabric on both pieces and the labels are just a little extra charm that make all the work worth it when I pull it out of my closet to wear!

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