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I've got another finished project to share today - say what??!  It feels so good to actually finish things!  Also, I kind of wish it was my job to sew things for myself...cause I'm totally back in the sewing groove.  This project is the Moneta dress from Colette Patterns, and it's actually the second version of this dress that I've made.  First of all, the printed patterns from Colette are the prettiest things.  If you're in-between about PDF versus print patterns, totally go for the print versions.
The instructions are really clear and almost all of Colette's patterns have a sew-a-long posted online somewhere if you need more visual help.  This dress fits so well - I think I might have had to grade between sizes but I didn't need to make any fit adjustments.

Again, I just used my regular ol' sewing machine (no serger!)  with this knit project - I have switched to a stretch needle with a small zigzag stitch which makes all the difference.  For hemming and topstitching I used a longer straight stitch.

The only thing I changed was the gathering method for the skirt.  The pattern has you use clear elastic, but I found it hard to work with when sewing it to the skirt and when I wear my first version the elastic & thread combination is really uncomfortable (it sticks to my skin after a few hours, ugh.)  So for this version I used elastic thread instead.  You only have to use it in your bobbin and all I did was baste along the top of the skirt all the way around.  The elastic thread automatically gathers as you sew and it was just enough gather to make the skirt fit the waistline of the bodice without adding anything uncomfortable to the inside of the dress.

I highly recommend this pattern for anyone looking for a basic, wearable project with knits.

Fabric: Cotton spandex print from Girl Charlee (I couldn't find the same fabric anymore, but they have lots of other great knits!)s
Modifications: No fitting changes, but used elastic thread instead of clear elastic for skirt gathering at the waistline

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