knit / classic raglan sweater

Last week, I finished by biggest knitting project to date - my first sweater!! I'm so excited about how it turned out - it actually fits me, it's cozy and warm and I got to use yarn that came from my Grandma who was a crazy good knitter.

I used Jane Richmond's Ladies Classic Raglan Sweater pattern - it was perfect for my first sweater and I highly recommend it.  It's really well written, you fill in the pattern with your own number of increases and decreases based on your measurements so it's a custom fit.

This sweater makes me a little less sad about that long cold season that comes after fall.  I'm already looking forward to knitting another version of this pattern!


  1. Awesome! Your grandma would be sooooo proud!

  2. Liz it's BEAUTIFUL! We both finished our sweaters around the same time - so fun!


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