the little things...

I need a reminder of good things today  - and of the fact that even if life sometimes sucks - God is still good, He is constant when the world is not.  Here's some good things He's given me lately:

I did the Color Me Rad race in Madison last weekend with my dear friends from grade school! // I've finished the body of the sweater I'm knitting and I'm finally onto the sleeves - I'm loving this whole process of seeing a garment growing stitch by stitch... // These printables from Danielle at Take Heart have made a happy appearance on my wall for the month :) // I'm really enjoying the latest She Reads Truth study of Hosea // this necklace I made from this tutorial by Hello Hydrangea is my new favorite!

One more photo - it's just so cute!  Now I really want to try a full size weaving project!  
Have a happy weekend!

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