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In my quest for a handmade (or mostly handmade) wardrobe, I've been looking for a replacement for my well worn grandpa-style cardigan which I got two years ago at Old Navy for $15.  A great bargain considering how much I've worn it but the yarn is pretty low quality and it's really pilling now.  Since I'm currently knitting my first sweater and it actually looks like something wearable, I'm determined to have a hand knit replacement for that darn Old Navy sweater.  I've been searching patterns for a longer button-up cardi with a shawl collar and pockets and here are my top contenders:

top row: Tundra from Quince & Co. / Beacon Hill by Jane Richmond
Chocolate Stout by Thea Coleman / Arlo by Michele Wang (actually a child's sweater but this user tweaked it for an adult size!)

They're all so gorgeous, maybe I'll just knit them all ;)

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