Pinterest Project / August

The summer is already coming to a fast close, and I just want to slow time down and soak up every minute of it!  Lots of these links in this month's Pinterest project follow that idea:

top row:
Blueberries have been in and out of my kitchen a lot lately, and this idea of adding them to brownies sounds deliciously intriguing!  from Hummingbird High
I really enjoyed this post from The Fresh Exchange about life lessons from summer days - taking things slowly, seeing how little we need to really be happy - good food for thought!  I also really like this article from Relevant magazine about ways to simplify your life - I think these two posts dovetail nicely with a lot of similar thoughts I've had this month...

middle row:
A beautiful desktop wallpaper designed by Julie Song for Design Love Fest
I've also been eating peaches like they're going out of style - and this recipe for small batch peach & strawberry cobbler sounds heavenly!  from Joy the Baker

bottom row:
My new favorite thing are these temporary tattoos from Rifle Paper Co - so. fun.  also gorgeous.
How cool are these printable ice cream desserts?? I've used Mr. Printables resources for work before, and this blog always knocks it out of the park when it comes to fun, well designed and free resources!

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