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My newest crafting obsession is weaving - apparently it's really "in" at the moment, and for once I'm totally jumping on the trend wagon.  I think what I love about it is the combination of so many textures in one piece of work.  The yarn (choosing the weight, color, fiber content) is one of my favorite parts of knitting, but combing those elements doesn't usually work so well in a single piece of knitting - you normally wouldn't want a sweater with sleeves knit from huge chunky yarn and a body with fine, fingering weight yarn.  But with weaving, the sky's the limit - you can combine whatever kinds of weights, textures and colors you want, and the results are beautiful!

I've recently discovered a couple artists whose work I really love:

Maryanne Moodie - an Australian native living in New York who besides making custom weavings teaches workshops,

Hello Hydrangea shop

and Lindsay Campbell of Hello Hydrangea - a designer & weaver who lives in Texas. Their work is both beautiful and inspiring, I discovered both of them through seeing their work on Instagram!

There's also been a fun DIY series on A Beautiful Mess about weaving from Rachel Denbow :

If you want to just get your feet wet, I've been dreaming about this woven necklace project that Lindsay shared last week.  Basically a tiny weaving you can wear...awesome.

There's also several tutorials about making your own loom with cardboard, pegs, or an old picture frame:
Make Scout DIY: making your own custom loom
Etsy blog: learning to weave on a cardboard loom
Fall For DIY: how to make a peg loom

Have you ever tried weaving?  Maybe this will inspire you!

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