handmade / dining set makeover

Over the weekend, I got a chance to make over my dining set - recovering the chair seats and repainting the chairs and table.  I've been thinking about doing this ever since getting this set almost four years ago!  I was especially inspired by Amanda from Be Crafty and all of her awesome furniture repainting...I'm so happy with how it all turned out - what a satisfying feeling to see it all come together!

The hardest part was unscrewing the chair seats and getting the screws back in the right spots after all the painting!  I ended up cutting little snips in the fabric on the underside of the seat so I could tell where things were supposed to line up...

The fabric I covered the seats with actually came from my Grandma's stash - it's beautiful and looks so much like her style.   There was enough for me to make up some pillow covers as well, so this pretty pattern is also sitting on my couch!

Here's the whole set in context - I love it!  I decided to leave the table top as is - the light finish matches the rest of the wood in my apartment, and since I use my table for sewing projects more often than actually eating, I figured white paint wouldn't last very long.  Plus I ran out of paint after two coats on the legs...

If you've been thinking of giving something in your living space a new coat of paint - go for it!  It's seriously satisfying!


  1. I love this!! Great job!! And did you use a staple gun to attach the fabric?

  2. Thanks Sam! I sure did - worked like a charm!

  3. Wow - they look great! I'm amazed at the stuff you can do! I need to reupholster my kitchen chairs, but there are SIX of the darn things... :)


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