finding a personal style and voice, part 2

Last weekend, I made a few changes to this little space simplifying and freshening up.  The biggest (to me) change is my little tag line under the header.  Creating a life of beauty and purpose.  That statement came out of the personal style experiment I shared in part 1 - the things I loved the most were the ones that were both beautiful and functional - design & purpose combining to make something wonderful.

Then suddenly I realized that I don't want to just surround myself with those things, but that's exactly what I want my life to be.  As a Christ-following woman with creative passion, I want to be a unique reflection of God's beauty in the way that live, how I interact with others, and the kind of art I create.  Not only that, but I firmly believe I am here for a purpose - to glorify God. And whatever I do, it should point back to Him. Hopefully in such a way that reflects his love and beauty!  And that's ultimately why I do this - draw, sew on paper, create anything at all, because He is the source of all creativity and beauty.  If anything I've done or will do can reflect even the tiniest bit of His beauty and truth, then I'll consider it a success.

That, in a nutshell, is what I want this space and my work to be - a reflection of God's love, beauty, and truth.  Not every single post is something deep and theoretical, but it's the foundation that my work is built on.  I may not always be successful at this, but I pray that someday, something here might be a light of encouragement or inspiration in your own life. 


  1. Beautiful. I love and am encouraged by your blog - even when I don't comment!

  2. Thanks for all your kind words, Angela! I miss your face around here!!


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