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I love getting a peek into the process that goes into creating a piece of artwork, so I thought that I would share a bit of my own process.  I just finished a new piece for my Etsy shop and it was the perfect opportunity to document the work that went into creating that piece:

First, inspiration!  I find inspiration in a lot of places, but most importantly I find it in my relationship with Christ - His word & work are the most inspiring sources I can think of.  This piece was inspired specifically by Matthew 14:6 where Jesus says, "I am the way, the truth, and the life."  I've found myself coming back to this idea a number of times lately, especially when I've felt I was searching for a purpose or motivation in my life.  The second piece of inspiration was this video from chalk artist Dana Tanamachi - I love her work and I especially loved the way she used black lettering in this piece.  So I looked up examples of medieval inspired black lettering before sketching and tweaking a design that would work for my own work.

Once I have a solid(ish) sketch, I redraw the design as lightly & accurately as possible onto #110 lb card stock.  I then use a small tapestry needle to punch holes along the lines I drew before erasing them.

This is my favorite part!  The design is starting to take on a life of its own and color is what really brings it alive.  Here's the colors I was considering for this piece:

I knew I wanted a bold, dark color for the main outlines and a lighter accent color.  Once I picked those out, it was time to sew!

I do a simple straight stitch back and forth through each hole I had punched, keeping the embroidery floss nice and tight as I go.  Depending on the design, this step can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to finish.  But when I finish, it's so exciting!  I often just set the piece up on my desk to kind of "soak it in" while I work on something else or walk away from it for awhile.  Then I photograph and list it in my shop:

Now it's ready to make it's way into a happy home somewhere, hopefully to inspire and encourage someone else the way it has for me.

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  1. So cool! Thank you for sharing. It's a beautiful piece as well.


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