Twenty Eight for 28

Today I turned a year older - hello to 28!  Last year I made a list of 27 things to do while I was 27 - here's the list updated with the things I actually finished.  I really like lists, so I decided to continue that project for another year.

So here are 28 things I want to do while I'm 28 (to be fair, some of these are things I didn't get to finish last year or want to continue):

1. Read through the Bible in 1 year
2. Keep a prayer list
3. Keep up my She Reads Truth journal
4. Design typographic posters for verses as I read through the Bible
5. Get involved with the children's ministry at my church
6. sponsor a child through World Vision
7. tithe regularly
8. come up with a regular exercise routine I can actually stick with
9. Run a 5K
10. Write & illustrate a children's book
11. Knit a sweater
12. Grow my own herbs
13. Invest in some "grown up" furniture 
14. refinish & paint my dining room table & chairs
15. Get my nose pierced
16. visit my local farmer's market
17. Go to the Milwaukee Irish Fest
18. Visit Portland or Seattle 
19. take a day trip to Chicago
20. add hand lettered prints to my Etsy shop
21. post weekly on my library blog
22. host a giveaway/other interactive event on this little blog
23. finish a 2014 Project Life scrapbook
24. create a capsule wardrobe for myself
25. make baby gifts for the two little ones who will arrive this year
26. take a calligraphy class
27. make something out of my favorite Instagrams
28. design a knitting pattern

1 comment:

  1. Love it. And love how you keep track from year to year. I DO think Colorado should be on your travel list ;)


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