sewn / Zinnia skirt

Another finished sewing project is in the books!  I've already worn this skirt three times in the last week or so - it's perfect for the warm days you want something comfortable but not too heavy.  This is the Zinnia skirt (view A) from Colette patterns:

I felt like this project really stretched my sewing skills - the patch pockets, buttonholes and buttons, sewing the button plackets were all new to me.  Between the pattern instructions, a sew-a-long posted online, and a couple you tube videos, I figured it all out without too much trouble.

I feel much more confident after finishing this project - I'm already thinking about making the second version of this skirt!

This will be a perfect piece for summer - and with boots and sleeves in the fall again! If you're looking to stretch your sewing skills a bit, give this pattern a try!

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