the little things

You guys, its finally starting to feel like spring here!  The trees have literally busted out buds over the weekend (which is late, even for Wisconsin!) and we've had thunderstorms instead of snowstorms :).  I still haven't put away my winter coat - I feel like I might be tempting fate with that...  Here's a few more fun things from a long weekend with family:

My mom, sister and I all read She Reads Truth devos and the latest devo series goes with this beautiful study pack - we're all three looking forward to jumping into Nehemiah together! // I stopped at a local yarn store with my mom and picked up this sweet little yellow zipper pouch for markers, needles, etc...as well as a pattern and yarn for another project! // My sewing streak continues - I just received Colette's Moneta pattern in the mail.  OH MY GOODNESS.  Seriously, heck with pdf patterns - this might be the cutest printed pattern I've ever seen. Ever. // My sister and I went out for a night by ourselves for some Mother's Day shopping for her and to see Nickel Creek! We had such a great time - the concert was ah-mazing - the opening band was just as fun to listen to as well.  The Secret Sisters - they're like a moody southern, sister version of The Civil Wars but with a retro twist.  Go listen. :)

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  1. UGH I love all things Colette! Such pretty stuff!


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