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I hope you had a great Easter weekend!  Now that we've finally had a few days with highs in the 50s, I've finally finished this winter hat - haha!  It took me a second try, but I got a great hat that I'll get tons of use out of next winter for sure!  I also learned a lot while working on this project....

First, the pattern is published by Brooklyn Tweed - everything they put out is beautiful, well designed, and high quality.  I highly recommend their patterns & yarn!

Second, this was my first try at knitting cables.  So. much. fun.  They look deceptively hard, but all you're doing is knitting (or purling) the stitches in your row out of order.  I can't wait to try more cabling...

And lastly, I've been the kind of knitter who kind of shrugged her shoulders at the gauge measurements for projects - which, until now have been lots of scarves and things where gauge isn't a huge deal.  NOT HERE. Gauge matters - oh snap.  I found this out the hard way after my first hat using the suggested needle sizes in the pattern turned out to be ginormous.  Apparently, I (just like my grandma) knit really loosely.  The second hat I knit with needles two sizes smaller and the recommended yarn - and love the result!

So, with my new-found knitting knowledge, I can't wait to knit right through this spring and summer!
In case you're a newer knitter, I've come across a few wonderful resources lately:

Sheep & Stitch - a really well-designed website with everything you need to know to learn to knit including photo and video tutorials

This article from The Craft Sessions on learning how to read your knitting - this was (and still is!) a light bulb moment for me!

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