handmade / DIY spring gift jar

I miss spring break - anybody with me?  The school district of the city I work in is on their spring break this week, which means a full week of library programming for me!  This is a fun way to celebrate fun spring-like things even if you don't have a real spring break ;)

I didn't buy a single thing for this project - I used a cleaned out candle jar (freeze the wax, chop it out with a knife, and throw the jar in the dishwasher!) and little goodies I had sitting around!  I did make this little paper bunting:

Just cut pretty paper into triangles and use an exacto knife to cut slits in the sides, then string the triangles onto baker's twine or yarn...

Tuck all the goodies into the jar and add a tag and decorations to the outside of the jar - I used a piece of lace (just taped to the jar with washi tape) and some tags and die cuts strung onto more baker's twine.

And done!  Now you just have to decide who to give it to - I gave this to one of my best friends and new mom (who also doesn't get a spring break ;) who I got to spend time with this weekend.  Really, anything looks cuter in a jar - a birthday gift, mother's day goodies, and even a get-well gift!  So go make something that will make someone smile!

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