100 Happy Days project

I'm starting a new project called 100 Happy Days - I read about it over on A Beautiful Mess and I loved the idea!  It's pretty much just taking a photo of something that makes you happy every day for 100 days in a row!  I often find myself dreaming and wishing for future blessings when I want to remind myself to focus on the blessings I have now - to be present in the place God has me right now.

This project is also a good way for me to work on my photography skills  - I'm taking each day's photo with my Nikon D60 and I'll share them on my Instagram feed and Flickr as well!  So far, my happy things have included these tulips given to me by a library patron, sunny mornings with a desk messy with craft supplies, and an evening walk :)  What's made you happy lately??


  1. Facetiming with friends in WI last week made me happy :). Also the craftsy knitting classes on stitches and styles and cables have been great fun!

  2. :) I've got to look those classes up!!


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