inspiration / cure your Sherlock withdrawl

Ok, can I be honest?  I've been having some serious Sherlock withdrawl since I finished watching the last episode of series three (what?!) so I'm rounding up some fun things to help cure me (besides rewatching the entire series)...

top row: Sew up a dress from Sherlock's wallpaper turned fabric like this stylin' girl - the fabric is available to order on Spoonflower // Brew a steamy beverage in a 221B Baker Street mug - while you're at it try out this custom blend tea inspired by the show available on Adagio Teas
middle row: Print off some Sherlock bookmarks...and hang up this awesome illustration by Nan Lawson
bottom row: Knit up some fingerless mitts with colorwork inspired by Sherlock's wallpaper design.

And if that doesn't work, check out the original Sherlock Holmes stories from your local library (if you haven't read them already!)

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