inspiration / beating the winter blues

I don't know about you, but this winter has been extra snowy and cold even for Wisconsin!  On those days when it seems like winter will never end, I need an extra pick-me-up so here's some ideas for chasing away the winter blues that have worked for me...

1. Bake something!  Turning the oven on will warm you up and you'll end up with something yummy to eat yourself or share with co-workers and friends - my latest favorite is the oatmeal cookie recipe from the bottom of the Quaker oatmeal lid with chopped hazelnuts & dark chocolate chips instead of raisins ;)

2. Invite a friend out for coffee - breaking out of your normal routine & spending time with people who lift your spirits can make a big difference in how you feel.

3. Exercise!  It'll warm you up and get the endorphins flowing - and I'm not talking a 5 mile run or anything (unless that's your thing, totally go for it!) even just a half hour of yoga can feel really refreshing.

4. Get lost in a good book - some recent favorites are the Amelia Peabody series (which are mostly set in Egypt - about as opposite from this frozen tundra as you can get!) as well as the Thomas & Charlotte Pitt mystery series.

5.  Make yourself a hot cup of coffee or tea - my favorite teas at the moment are the Bigelow Vanilla Chai and Harney & Sons African Autumn.

And remember, winter can't last forever and until then, we'll weather it together!


  1. Ooo I love baking, especially in winter!!

  2. Also, just letting you know, I nominated you for the Liebster Award =] Check it out here http://in-aeternum.net/2014/02/11/liebster-award/

  3. I know, right? Also, thank you so much for the nomination!! This totally made my day - I can't wait to work on a post & my own nominee list :)


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