a sneak peek...

Between a trip to Hobby Lobby and a closing scrapbook store over the weekend, I found some inspiring materials that turned into something new for my shop!

I absolutely love the colors used in this paper - a bright magenta pink, mint, gray and gold are a good cure for the winter blues.  I took those colors in embroidery thread and sewed a fun arrow motif onto a small square of heavy Bristol paper.  Each piece of paper is 4x4 and they came packaged up together all cute and small - I couldn't help bringing them home with me...

I stitched up two other mini pieces as well and I'm hoping to get them in the shop this week sometime.  I also listed a new full size piece last night, "Steady On" - I'm loving the way it turned out!  It's sewn onto nice heavy 110# card stock in mint thread - love! 


  1. Oh! I haven't clicked through to your blog in a while (usually just view posts on a reader). I like the new layout!

    And those scissors are super cute!

    1. Thanks!! That's one reason I like bloglovin (instead of feedly) a bit better - you get to see the actual site itself. The scissors were just from hobby lobby! but I can't stop using them :)


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