handmade / in progress

One of my favorite things to do, especially in the wintertime is knit, and lately I've been knitting up a storm!  I just finished the Lonely Tree Shawl - a lovely quick(ish) lace pattern.  I only wish it was a little big longer, although if you want to knit your own, there is an extra chart for added length.  I definitely have to bobby pin the back of the scarf so it doesn't come undone while I'm wearing it, but the golden yellow color of the yarn is perfect!

I also started the beautiful Gentian cable hat - it's my first time knitting cables and I'm in love!  They are so much fun to work on and deceptively easy to do, I promise! 

Stay tuned for another pattern next week - this time it's for crocheters!  Have a wonderful, warm weekend!


  1. Loving the shawl. I absolutely hate it when scarves unwrap which is why extra length is always the way to go for me :D

    - Nika (nightlyknitter.ca)

  2. I know, right Nika? I wish I would have seen the extra chart before ordering the yarn ;)


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