faith / a verse for 2014

After thinking back on the past year and what God has been doing in my heart, this verse has been on my heart lately.  Several bloggers I follow pick a word or verse to be their "theme" to pray over and work towards during the year and I've always kind of liked that idea - and when Joshua 1: 9 kept popping into my head, it was a done deal!  Fear and doubt have always been stumbling blocks for me, and I've felt especially challenged to confront my fears and doubts this last year (especially after starting  my Character Development class!).  It's like the Holy Spirit has been whispering in my ear, "I have plans for you - are you in?" So my goal this year is to hold onto His truth instead of Satan's lies of fear and doubt and simply follow where God leads.  I made up this printable version of my verse to put up near my desk and thought I'd share:

Just follow this link then right click and save for the full res file - enjoy!


  1. I got shivers reading this. Thanks for sharing honestly about your journey Liz

  2. aw, thanks for reading!! Miss you friend! :)


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