2013 Favorites

I've never had a year go by as fast as this year has - it feels good to take a few minutes and look back on some of my favorite things from 2013 so they don't get lost in all the goals, dreams and plans for the new year:

1. Babies were a part of my life this year much more than I'm used to - seeing my niece grow up so much & seeing a friend's baby (who's pretty much a little miracle from how early he was born) come home happy and healthy from the hospital was wonderful!
2. Going to a Mumford & Sons concert - one of the best concerts I'll probably ever see (not. even. kidding.)
3. My Wednesday night girls - we meet for informal Bible study and just share life stuff - this year was extra special & bittersweet because one of our group got married and now lives in Colorado. (insert happy/sad face here!)
4. Sewing again!  I was really inspired this year after discovering this blog - I'm hoping to do much more sewing in 2014!
5. A trip to Boston!  I really enjoyed this city - the neighborhoods feel almost like small towns and I got to reconnect with a dear college friend.

Looking back on all of these memories, the one constant I see throughout everything is God's faithfulness - through His provision, safety, and blessing whether I realized it or not.  I'm so thankful He doesn't give up on us, but instead through His love and grace constantly pursues us to make us even more His own.

I hope you can look back and find lots of happy memories of this past year as well!

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