handmade / scarf + necklace = snarf

I have a super easy crochet project to share with you today that I think is kind of awesome for several reasons:

1. It's inspired by Anthropologie
2. You can have it done in about 30 minutes.
3. It keeps your neck warm & pretty - total win!

This scarf kit was the inspiration - and while I totally love the concept of it - especially using beautiful locally sourced yarn, I just can't get over the price tag.  So I set off to see if I could make my own version, and this is what came of it:

I came up with this funky little name because apparently in my mind scarf + necklace = snarf!  (Which also sounds like something from a Dr. Seuss book - haha!)  It's super easy to customize and is really fast - it would be an awesome last-minute DIY gift too!

To make one snarf you'll need:
1 skein of Loops & Threads Cozy Wool (I used mushroom) - any chunky, bulky weight yarn would work 
1 skein of Red Heart Unforgettable (I used winery) - any kind of "decorative" yarn would work here, like an eyelash or a variegated yarn, depending on what you like paired with your chunky yarn
Size N(10mm) crochet hook 

The snarf is one long crochet chain (here's a nice little photo tutorial on making a foundation chain from the Purl Bee - your chain will just look a lot bigger than the one in the photo because of the chunky yarn).  You'll use both yarns doubled up - meaning you'll be working with two strands of each yarn (4 strands total) at the same time.  I split my skeins up before I started to make things a little easier.

Using both yarns doubled up, chain your desired number of stitches.  I just kept going until I had a longish chain and tried it on to see how I liked the length.  When your snarf is the length you want, slip stitch the ends together and cut & weave your tails in.  

The end.  I told you it was fast!  Now just wear it proudly!  

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