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I don't consider myself much of a cook, but all the yummy looking recipes that pop up on Pinterest make me wish I liked to cook more!  Once in awhile though, I get in the mood to try a new recipe or two, especially if that recipe is for a baked dessert (let's be honest!).  With Pinterest recipes, I feel like it's always a bit of a gamble as to whether its actually going to turn out, but I thought with Thanksgiving coming up and lots of family and friends gathering to eat good food, I'd share a couple of my favorite successful recipes found on Pinterest!

1. Chicken and Dumpling Soup from The Pioneer Woman - haven't made this in awhile but with the colder weather here, I think it's about time to pull it out again!  Also, those dumplings right in the soup are to die for!
2. Apple Cake with Cinnamon Sugar from Call Me Cupcake - I've made this twice for a treat for my coworkers...super easy and includes everything yummy about fall.
3. Buttery Honey Beer Bread from Cookie Monster Cooking - oh my goodness. This is the easiest thing ever to make and soooo good.  I love bread.  I've made it a couple times with different types of beer and Guinness was my favorite :)
4. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies from Two Twenty One - I literally just made a batch of these yesterday and they're half gone.  (I swear I didn't eat them all!)  You get the pumpkin flavor with a super soft chewy cookie - YUM!

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