The Grateful Project / creativity

Day three of the Grateful Project!  aka. my way of saying that Thanksgiving is still a real holiday. :)

I think that creativity is definitely one of my God-given talents and passions.  I'm thinking mostly of artistic creativity but also using those skills in creative ways...if that makes any sense!  I've always loved drawing and doing crafts - I remember my Mom showing me how to sew and I'd have to ask for help untangling my thread every two minutes!  Art classes were always some of my favorites throughout school, but I didn't really discover the little niche of Etsy & the handmade marketplace until I was in grad school.  After finishing school, I started my Etsy shop and felt like I had been waiting for something like this my whole life!  Without papers and academic deadlines in my life anymore (yay!)  I've been able to rekindle my love of all things crafty from drawing to knitting and crocheting, sewing, scrap booking, and I seriously don't know what I'd do with out these things!  I love the feeling of working with my own two hands and taking the time and effort to make something unique and special in a world so full of cookie cutter products made as fast as possible with the cheapest materials available.  I dream about doing something artistic in a full time capacity someday but right now, my goal is to figure out how to use these skills for God's glory in the time I have available.

What talents & passions do you have that you are grateful for??

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