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My latest sewing project was The Staple Dress from April Rhodes with some light cotton fabric I found on clearance at Joann's - I've discovered finding the right fabric for a project can be tricky...in small pieces this fabric is cute, but as a whole garment, I kind of feel like a hazelnut or something, haha!  Ah well, the cotton was nice & easy to work with after using a knit.  I definitely recommend this pattern for a beginning project!

I purchased the PDF pattern which went together really easily.  The pattern is almost a blank slate - a nice basic with lots of room for customizing.  I was nervous about sewing the shirring at the waist since you have to use elastic thread, but it was actually very simple.  I'd love to find a fabric with a bit more drape to it for another version...but in the meantime, the new Zinnia skirt from Colette Patterns is going to be my next project!

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  1. I was google imaging the a Staple dress and came across yours... I love it! Very cute and the fabric is totally hazelnutty- in a good way. :)


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