inspiration / back to school grown-up style

One of my favorite parts of going back to school in September was shopping for new school supplies!  Sadly, I don't really have a legitimate excuse for buying large amounts of new pencils, binders, and folders anymore so I'm gathering some more "grown-up" fall-ish supplies - things I'm loving lately as well as a few I've been admiring!

1. This gorgeous hand dyed yarn from the Camellia Fiber Company - I always want to start at least five new knitting projects as soon as fall starts to show up!
2. A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book - a really fun read with some creative ideas!
3. Ben Rector's newest album, The Walking In Between - it's thoughtful, real, and speaks truth in creative ways!
4. These jotter notebooks from Wit & Whistle
5. I've been wanting to take a Skillshare class for awhile now - there are so many interesting ones to choose from and this calligraphy class really sounds like fun!
6. I love the new fall scarves from live fashionABLE - especially this color combination!

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