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A new week is here!  Sorry for the mini blog-cation...I spent a long week with family in the Chicago area celebrating my grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary!  Here's a few happy things from the weekend:

Whenever my mom's side of the family gets together, my Grandma always makes pfeffernusse, these bite size cinnamon-y chewy cookies that you could eat for days on end - so good!! Having them brings back lots of happy memories :) // Taking the architectural boat tour of downtown Chicago - such a fun way to see the city (especially if you're into history and architecture!) // my mom's first time in Chicago - had to get the essential selfie reflection in the bean! (or the Cloud as it's officially called - totally never knew that until this last weekend) // my new tough ruffles bag from Made by Hank!  I've always loved these bags but could never get one before now because they were always sold out or I just didn't have the funds...they are handmade from repurposed vintage fabric and the craftsmanship is outstanding!  If you're looking for a gift or just a new bag/wallet I highly recommend this shop!

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