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Over the weekend, I turned 27.  Whaaaat???  I feel older, but definitely not any wiser - haha!

I kind of love lists (as evidenced by this project) so I decided to make another list - 27 things to do while I'm 27!  I feel like the last couple of years have been too defined by my own fears and worries or thinking "I'll just do this someday when I'm more established or married".  I want to live trusting the Lord more completely in real and practical ways.  I'm not entirely sure what that will look like, but doing things that challenge me & my comfort zone seems like a good place to start.  Not everything is specifically "spiritual", some of these are things I've thought about doing but just haven't had the guts or time to do until before now.

1. Read through the Bible in 1 year
2. Keep a prayer list
3. Keep up my She Reads Truth journal
4. Design typographic posters for verses as I read through the Bible
5. Take the Transformation of the Heart class through my church
6. sponsor a child through World Vision
7. tithe regularly
8. come up with a regular exercise routine I can actually stick with
9. Run 5K
10. Write & illustrate a children's book
11. Knit a sweater
12. Grow a container garden
13. See Need to Breathe in concert
14. Get a new iPhone case
15. Get my nose pierced
16. Crochet a blanket for my mom
17. Go to the Milwaukee Irish Fest
18. see a Brewers Game
19. take a day trip to Chicago
20. add embroidery hoop art to my Etsy shop
21. post at least weekly on my library blog
22. host a giveaway/other interactive event on this little blog
23. give a Project Life scrapbook a try
24. make 3 projects with my sewing machine
25. donate my hair to Locks of Love
26. take a calligraphy class
27. make something out of my favorite Instagrams

Also, as a total side note, I've finally registered a domain name for this little blog (!) so make sure to update your rss feed to the new address!  It should redirect you from the old address, but just in case it doesn't I thought I'd give you a heads up! :)

**update: everything in bold italics were things I finished while I was 27!**


  1. Happy belated Birthday Liz. Sounds like plenty of fun stuff on your list, good luck! :)


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