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I've been enjoying loose tea more often lately, and my friend Mariel told me about Adagio Teas a while ago.
A cup of tea would be especially cute in this Midwest Mug from theSIBLINGshop on Etsy!

Whoa!  I've barely dipped my toe into the ocean of tea possibilities but this is a really fun place to start.  Besides all of the blends they already offer, users can create their own custom blends.

Mariel created a custom blend for her and her husband and I just got to try her blend, The Mariel Tea.  So fun! There are thousands of custom blends to choose from, lots of them book-related (which I'm a total fan of!)  If you're a tea drinker, or just curious, I highly recommend checking out Adagio Teas - it would also be a great place for a gift if you have tea drinkers (besides yourself) in your life.  If you're interested in ordering, I can also email you a $5 gift certificate - just comment below!


  1. <3

    So glad you are digging Adagio Teas!! Thanks again for trying my blend!

  2. You're welcome! I thought it would be the perfect way to start with Adagio Teas ;)


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