the little things / Boston edition

Hello new week!  My days are all mixed up since I spent a long weekend in Boston with a couple friends - we were there to see the city, visit with a friend of mine from college who lives there, and yes, see the Boston Marathon!  Fortunately, we were all on the bus to the airport to catch our flight back to Chicago when the explosions took place during the race.  We couldn't believe it when we got to the airport and saw the TVs - it's so sad, scary, and sick that someone would plan an attack like that at such a wonderful event.

Despite the way the Marathon ended, I really did have a great trip - Boston is such a great city with so much history!  Here's a couple things that especially made me happy:

Spending time with old friends - living farther apart from your closest friends makes time together that much more special // Newport Storm Blueberry Ale - tried this at a restaurant in Cambridge and it was sooo good!  Too bad you can only find it on the East coast... // coffee dates with friends - I got to meet up with another great friend of mine on the way home who I haven't seen in almost a year! // Sunshine & weather warm enough for watching the Red Sox play!

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