inspiration / travel favorites

I don't travel all that often (although I wish I could afford to more often! ;) but when I do, these are some of my favorite things to take along with me:

1. A great over the shoulder bag - leaving your hands free to grab your phone, flip through your travel guide or carry your umbrella!

2. My Instax Mini polaroid camera - it prints credit card sized photos that are perfect souvenirs...

3. An umbrella - you know the one day you forget it is the day it rains!

4. A sweet, short travel guide & good map - if you're going someplace you're unfamiliar with, you might as well own the tourist thing & read up on the place you're visiting! 

5. A sturdy travel wallet - this one has made it to Europe & back twice with me...I always feel so more organized with my tickets, boarding passes, ID and passport tucked in their pockets.

6. Burt's Bees Tinted lipbalm - perfect for everyday use with an extra bit of color to make you feel a bit more put together even if you just walked off the plane!

    7. Extra hair ties (or bobby pins) - cause you just never know when you might need them!

    8. A fun notebook to write down everything you see & do - as soon I get home and back into a
    normal routine I always forget the details of what I did!

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