handmade / DIY kraft envelope

I have a new DIY project for you - one I use all the time actually :)  This process for making envelopes can be used to fit anything flat you want to gift and works with almost any type of paper.  I just like using kraft paper because it's a blank canvas - you can decorate and personalize for your recipient :)

Here's what you'll need  - I bought this roll of kraft wrapping paper from Michaels:

Here's how to make the envelope: 

Start with a rectangular piece of paper
Fold the edges into the middle, overlapping about an inch (I like to lay whatever I want to fit in the envelope on top of the paper and fold the edges over it so I know it will fit)
Fold up the bottom edge & trim the edges diagonally
Fold the top down
Cut off the bottom layer of the top flap
Trim the top by rounding off the edges
Glue the seams & bottom flap down
Stuff the envelope & use some colorful tape to close

That's it!  Decorate and personalize to your hearts content - enjoy!

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