inspiration / some new tunes

I love discovering a great new band and lately I discovered several new gems through Noisetrade. These three bands/artists are my new favorites, all of the singer-songwriter genre but each with amazing lyrics and unique musical sounds.  Just really great musicians doing what they do best - enjoy! :)

1. The Gray Havens // website / FB page / Noisetrade
2. K.S. Rhoads // website / FB page
3. Josh Garrels // website / FB page / Noisetrade


  1. Yes yes YES! Love this! I haven't heard K.S. Rhoads yet, so i'll check him out. But you know how i feel about The Gray Havens and Josh Garrels :)

    AND, guess what?! I'm in the process of getting The Gray Havens to come do a show in Milwaukee at the end of June (right after Matt and I move back)! I chatted with Dave on the phone the other day, he and Licia seem really nice! So...keep your calendar open and you should come down!! I'll keep you posted!

  2. Ahh! that would be beyond awesome!! :D I'm crossing my fingers!! eep!


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