handmade / lucky charm pendant

I felt like making up something festive for St. Patty's day this month that you could use and wear the rest of the year as well... so I came up with this cute little lucky charm pendant:

The above photo shows what you'll need to make one- I used some thicker gauge gold wire I had on hand (I'm not sure what the exact size is anymore), a matching jump ring, and some needle nosed pliers and wire cutters.

Start with a good length of wire and make 3 circles by bending the wire around the thickest part of one side of your needle nose pliers - it's ok if your circles are a little wonky at first, you can bend and reposition them after you've formed all three circles.

Once you have all three circles were you want them, keep going with the long end of the wire and wrap it a couple times around the stem of your shamrock charm.  I used my pliers to squeeze the coils together at the sides and on the top and bottom of the coil to make it nice and tight.  Trim the end of your stem and that's it!
Attach a jump ring to the top of your pendant and add a length of chain for a new necklace.  You can also just switch out the pendant with another necklace you already wear a lot, or even add the pendant for a layered look :).

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