handmade / washi tape bookmark

I recently found these rolls of patterned tape at Target (!) and have been itching to use them for a project ever since so I did this super easy bookmark last night!  It takes about 10 minutes from start to finish:

Just grab some paper scraps - I used some kraft card stock I had on hand - cut it to size and cover it with your favorite tape!

Stick it in your book and you've got a sweet handmade bookmark!

Washi tape & patterned tape is becoming more & more popular and easy to find - the green tapes I used were all from Target, the peach chevron striped tape was from Michaels and the other tapes (hot pink & skinny teal) I did buy online - Pretty Tape on Etsy & Cute Tape are my favorite online places to order from.


  1. You keep raving about washi tape - and even have this non-crafty person thinking about how she might "need" some! Hmmm...

    1. It's true - I think you do need some Angela :)


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