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Ok, I know I said last week that I don't tend to get into Valentine's Day a whole lot, but these projects are too clever & creative not to share (and I have plans for another V-Day related post later this week, so I may have to eat my own words).  The thing I really like about these projects is that you can customize them to work for any occasion during the year, not just Valentine's Day!

2. Personalized mugs (especially with Pride & Prejudice quotes!) from Lemonade Makin' Mama; you can also do this project with oil-based Sharpie markers like this version from Scribbles from Emily instead of the porcelain markers used in the first project (the porcelain markers are
also suggested by A Beautiful Mess
4. Birch veneer wall art from A Lovely Lark - this would be fun to do with a favorite song or verse even in any pretty paper you have!

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