handmade / marquee letter lights

I'm kind of digging the look of vintage marquee lights lately - they've got a cool, industrial vintage vibe to them that works really well for a party or event but works equally well on a smaller scale with a single letter or symbol in a home:

sources: Vintage Marquee Lights / Project Decor / house to home / Urban Outfitters

The vintage letters are probably my favorite - you can purchase letters from shops like Vintage Marquee Lights or even Urban Outfitters (if you're not set on vintage) but they can get pricey especially if you want an entire word spelled out.  Another option is, of course, to DIY it!  There's two good tutorials I've come across lately, one from OHF and the other from Oh, Sweet Joy that both look relatively easy depending on the time you have and how long you want the final product to last: 

source: OHF

source: oh, sweet joy
So there you are - lots of options for using or creating marquee lights to use in your home - do you like the look of these lights?? How would you use them to brighten up your space?


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