happy friday / awesomeness

Hello Friday! Oh how glad I am to see you :) Here's some random but awesome links I want to share to make your weekend a bit lovelier:

As if I needed another reason to love & listen to these guys - this beautiful print is available for purchase from First Snowfall right here...

The new Fiction Family (Jon Foreman of Switchfoot & Sean Watkins of Nickel Creek) album is streaming here before it's released next week - AMAZING. 

I've been listening to this album, The Loft Sessions, from Bethel Music non-stop lately and this song is one of my favorites...and finally I may have spent 20 minutes this afternoon with my co-worker laughing hysterically at this blog - if you don't frequent or work at a library it may just make me look crazy...but it's completely true!  Have a happy, happy weekend!

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