inspiration / crown braids

I'm completely in love with the look of crown braids lately - they seem to be everywhere!  From celebrity sightings to lots of tutorials :)  My hair has finally grown out just long enough to give this style a try:

I've rounded up some inspiration for you - there are so many ways to tweak & update this style to your taste!

1. Try pinning the braids farther back on your head with strands pulled out around your face for a more grown-up, sophisticated look like this tutorial from Cupcakes & Cashmere
2. For a more casual, artsy vibe, pin the braids right at the top of your forehead like these from A Cup of Jo  
3. I love the way this style is completely updated with a super-teased half ponytail before braiding from Keiko Lynn  
4. If my hair was 10x thicker than it really is, I'd totally go for this multi-braid style from A Beautiful Mess

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