handmade / DIY Halloween costumes

I can't believe Halloween is NEXT week, can you??  What happened to this fall?  The only reason I really get into Halloween is for my job - we love Halloween at my library and it's really the only holiday we "celebrate" since we're closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It's so much fun to see all the kiddos dressed up as princesses, superheroes and pirates :) hehe!  I do a Halloween story time and the librarians all wear costumes on the actual holiday so I've been looking out for creative, not too scary or bloody costume ideas and I've come across some really great ideas:

1. Carmen San Diego! I totally loved this show when I was little! :) // by What I Wore
2. Book Fairy! um, seriously, how perfect is this?? I just need WAY more time... // by Lilliedale
3. Mary Poppins - love it! // by Keiko Lynn
4. If you're feeling REALLY crafty you could whip up a Red Riding Hood! // free pattern from Fleece Fun

Have you come across any fun Halloween costume ideas?  I'm thinking of officially dressing as Hermione from the Harry Potter books - I already own most of the outfit (thank you, Harry Potter book parties!) and we have a cat puppet at work that could be my Crookshanks...:)

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