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I have a new "for the love of art" post for you today featuring a painting by Jan Vermeer - A Girl Reading A Letter by an Open Window:

Jan Vermeer, Girl Reading a Letter by an Open Window  c. 1657-59
Vermeer was a Dutch painter who lived & worked in mid 17th century Delft.  He painted less than 40 works during his lifetime and only created paintings for specific local patrons.  Many of Vermeer's works are genre paintings - paintings created for private patrons depicting scenes of contemporary daily life - like A Girl Reading a Letter by an Open Window.  The clear, even light source is a hallmark of Vermeer's interior scenes - and is one of my favorites part of the painting.  The artists' brush strokes are virtually invisible:

I love the texture in the fabrics & especially the woman's reflection in the open window!  You can read more about Vermeer's work in this painting at essential vermeer  & on the Google art project- they have lots of details and & high res images of the work - enjoy!

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  1. I've never noticed the reflection before! I really like Vermeer - thanks to the book, Chasing Vermeer. It's such a cute story. Anyway, I love all the similarities in Vermeer's paintings - the floor patterns, the layouts, how so many of them are in front of windows (like The Geographer)...
    Thanks for sharing!


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